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If my job search was a movie it would be…

Since graduating in May I have been hitting the job search trail hard…realistically I have been searching since March or so.

In reflecting on my job search I have decided to compare it to a popular movie. My job search is the movie equivalent of  “He’s Just Not That into You”

That may be sad—however it is true. Much like the lead character of the movie after an interview I spend copious amounts of time disecting every sentence uttered by my interviewer and constantly checking my phone to see if I have secured a call back.

This may be funny or it may be sad—I am not quite sure which but currently I find it true.


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what is your communication style?

In a recent job interview I was asked:

“What is your communication style?”

I was stumped.I guess I never really considered what my communication style is… which is interesting to consider because I earned my degree in a communication related field.

Maybe I have never really decided what my communication style is because I have had to conform to the communication style of my current boss. I didn’t say that in my interview but thinking about it now..that sounds about right.

Do you have a communication style?

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Lessons Learned as a 22 year old.

Since I currently live in a College town everything is within walking distance in my mind. I enjoy a lovely walk to campus or to the library or sometimes to my good friend W’s—he was shocked when I recently told him that I have never once driven to his place.

So yesterday a lovely Saturday afternoon I decided to walk over to the BF’s apartment. I am walking by a local church and this red truck pulls over and asked if I wanted a ride—“No Thanks”  I replied.

A second car begins to pull over and I wave it on. Seriously people a 22 year old woman learned many moons ago that you just don’t take rides from strangers.

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