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I wonder what the neighbors think…

For the past 6 weeks I have embarked on a mission of a crazy woman but before I explain further I must give some background. I have been employed with the same retail company since I was a senior in high school…we shall call this company 3377.  When my lease was up in Muncie in July and I had no professional job prospects I found myself a bit relieved to know that I could continue to work the same job with 3377. It has always been easy and flexible and a truly enjoy the employee discount. One week into working full time for 3377 I find out that this particular branch is going to have a complete facelift (which is considered an honor because it is only one of 50 stores in the nation being redone–so I am told).

It is at this point insanity comes knocking on this girl’s door. I was asked if I would be willing to try out the night shift 9pm to 6am Sunday-Thursday. I weighed my options for half a minute— this would give me days free to job search and the weekends off to see my boyfriend and I could wear PJs to work. OK! I will do it!

I am now in week 6 of this schedule and I think it beginning to take it’s toll. As I parked my car outside the house this morning I had to laugh as one of my neighbors walked by. I can only imagine what they think I am doing from the hours of 9pm to 6am. Perhaps they think I am a call girl a’la Audrey Hepburn–though I don’t think Audrey ever left the house in oversized sweats and a grungy t-shirt.

I know I will never know what they are thinking when I am about to go to bed and they are walking their dog enjoying their morning latte but it is fun to consider.


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23 Years Young–wait what?

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday. Growing up birthdays were always a big deal.My mom threw amazing birthday parties that varied from minnie mouse theme to getting “make-overs” at a local beauty school and even sewing batman capes for each attendant of one of my younger brother’s parties. As I am getting older–(yes I know that I am really not that old) I have found that birthdays are less of an ordeal ( my own father thought I turned 22 this year not 23)  I can’t help but to continue to wish on those birthday candles. As we get older however I think we can take greater responsibility for the things we want. So this year I have decided to make birthday goals—goals to be accomplished by my next birthday.

Goal 1: Blog at least 3 times a week.

I am still considering my other goals and what is really feasible and measurable and what really is in my control.

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I am the thrifty one

For those of you who know me–you know that I am thrifty. I became a deal hunter at an early age. I have fond memories of  the days my mom would pile us all into the mini-van with page of highlighted garage sales to seek out. We would all get a garage sale allowance and it was up to our discretion to spend it wisely.

My boyfriend was not raised as a deal hunter this I learned last weekend when we were spending a weekend in the beautiful New Buffalo, MI. The small towns that stream between the Indiana-Michigan border are filled with antique shops.

We were in one such shop when Ryan found a wine rack he really liked priced at $68.  My mom explained to him that in antique shops you don’t pay the sticker price you are allowed to haggle.

So he went to the front to inquire about the wine rack–the shop owner said in her very thick Russian accent ” You give me $55 I give you now”. He said “Okay”. No counter offer no haggling just okay sounds good. I had to smile and I couldn’t resist giving him a hard time about being an easy sell.

I think in the future matters of haggling and thrifty shopping will be left to me.

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