23 Years Young–wait what?

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday. Growing up birthdays were always a big deal.My mom threw amazing birthday parties that varied from minnie mouse theme to getting “make-overs” at a local beauty school and even sewing batman capes for each attendant of one of my younger brother’s parties. As I am getting older–(yes I know that I am really not that old) I have found that birthdays are less of an ordeal ( my own father thought I turned 22 this year not 23)  I can’t help but to continue to wish on those birthday candles. As we get older however I think we can take greater responsibility for the things we want. So this year I have decided to make birthday goals—goals to be accomplished by my next birthday.

Goal 1: Blog at least 3 times a week.

I am still considering my other goals and what is really feasible and measurable and what really is in my control.


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