Umm that’s NOT okay!

So my third shift working continues on into week 6 or is it week 7? I don’t recall at this point. All this time my manager and I have been the only females in the building working nights, and it had not been an issue–sure we have heard some dirty jokes and sailor mouths from our other co-workers but nothing worse than that. Last night the line was crossed. Let me preface this encounter with the fact that my manager and I have a pretty full work load every night trying to get the store pulled back together (sure there are those nights we watched adventureland and dirty dancing in the break room—but those days have since passed). So here comes the issue:

Beginning last week we had a new set of guys in the store to install a new sound system. They even installed speakers in the bathroom–I don’t know why but they did. In any case last week when they left they left a huge mess in their wake of discarded zip ties and drywall dust. This set us back because we had to clean it all up! If that was not aggravating enough this is the exchange that occured between the my manager and the music guys last night:

“Hey you guys left quite a mess when you left last week. Please clean up after yourselves.”

“I thought it was fine when we left”

“No it was not okay, We had to stay late to clean up your mess”

“Oh you know you liked it!”

“No I did not like cleaning up after you and you will not be allowed to leave today until I see that you have cleaned up.”

Let me say my manager handled this exchange well because I had to fight the urge to smack this guy in the face. But really who the heck says something like that?! This is 2009 you don’t talk to women that way–I can guarantee that he would have never said that to a male manager and that is NOT okay. My manager is considering reporting his behavior to his company because again that is NOT acceptable!


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