forgive me father for I may have sinned?

Last weekend I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of my dear friends Chris and Amanda (one of the many weddings we have in the years to come) Chris and Amanda are both catholic and had a traditional catholic wedding, I am not catholic and therefore I am not well versed in the many rights and rituals of the catholic church. But I think that I may or may not have committed a major offense….

The morning of the wedding all of the bridesmaids had appointments to get their hair done. I declined this option because years of show-choir have equipped me with the experience to create an up-do. It was lucky that I was available because the bride soon realized that she left the second part of her veil in the church and it was needed to finish her hair.

I volunteered to run and get the veil from the church (good thing I invested in that garmin prior to the weekend since I tend to get lost everywhere I go).

I got to the church and tried to find an office where someone may have keys to unlock the bride’s room to no avail. I saw a line for the confessional and thought—-well someone has to be in there.

I whispered to the 5 people waiting in line that this was a real emergency and asked if I could cut them in line ( I wonder what they thought I had done..haha) They all said okay and as the last person came out I went right in walked past the partition and asked the priest to let me into the bride’s room.

He looked annoyed at first but then he let out a great sigh walked out of the room and unlocked the bride’s room.

So maybe this was bad cutting people in line for confession and walking right in to the priest’s face and demanding he open a room for me but in my eyes I was just doing my duty as a faithful bridesmaid.

Congratulations Mr.& Mrs. McGrew


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