Where have I been?!

So much for my goal of blogging three times a week. Well I admit that there has been a bit of a lack of motivation lately. But here are two important highlights:

1. I am back to working days at Old Navy- The remodel is complete and we are gearing up for holiday season.

2. I am still on the permanent job search–hoping for some luck in the new year ( it would be lovely to get out of retail before the holidays but we will just have to wait and see what happens)

I will try to be a more faithful blogger as we enter into the holiday season because I am sure there will be many stories of the crazy-ness that will ensue.


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One response to “Where have I been?!

  1. joan

    hii livy!
    greetings from the bos logan airport, it’s 4:03 am and thank goodness for free wi-fi!

    just thought i would say hullo. i cannot waiiiit for xmas. we should start party planning now.


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