blending families

It was bound to happen at one time or another, unavoidable really, an event would bring us all together regardless of time. I thought it would be my graduation from college but that was not the case so I was granted clemency from a possibly uncomfortable day. For the Thanksgiving of 2009 Ryan’s parents joined my mom’s side of the family for some eating,drinking, and chatting.

Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving it occurred to my mother that Ryan’s parents may be alone for thanksgiving because he was coming to our home. That thought was so sad to her that she decided to invite them and they immediately accepted. Let me preface that our parents have met before, his parents have even met my grandparents before,but something about a holiday just seemed to put a serious notion into my mind (especially for a couple who is not engaged or married).

I considered the possible hot-topics that could lead to the pointing of forks with the inevitable “listen here…” as i quietly choked on my sweet potatoes thinking of how to change the topic. ” Well you know grandpa, fox is not the only station that play news” or “You know what is on sale tomorrow?”

Perhaps I was too quick to think of the negative because to my great surprise things went very well. No hot topics mentioned but some heavy drinking did lead to some deep conversations between my grandma and Ryan’s dad.

Mom's beautiful table


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