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Sort of a Snow Day

These are the pine trees behind my parent's house--if only it looked like this for christmas.

Remember the days of cancelled school due to snow. Okay I guess they were not that long ago for me, because last year Ball State cancelled classes due to snow and I held up in my house scrapbooking and helping Ryan make lasagna for the roommates.

But the days of grade-school snow days were the best: getting to jump off the swingset into a big pile of snow, making chocolate chip cookies with my mom and reading Nancy Drew by our fire-place.

Today was sort of a snow day for me, not that school was cancelled or even work ( because I was not scheduled to work today) but I held up in the house and watched as the white blanket around our house grew thicker and deeper. Of course today was not about chocolate chip cookies or Nancy Drew, today was about more job applications and catching up on laundry. I guess being an adult does have it’s down days because I am pretty sure it would be weird if a 23-year-old woman was out romping in the snow with her dog.


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At some point in all of our lives we have asked ourselves—if I had the choice of one superpower what would it be. I have always picked the power of flight or teleportation ( a la’ harry potter apparation).

Now I would have to say that I find myself wishing for the power of invisibility, especially lately at work. How divine would it be to just be able to go about your daily routine un-interrupted by your boss or that particularly crabby individual who can at a moment’s notice spring on you.

Think about it invisibility would make Mondays more bearable and Fridays go that much faster.

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