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Starting a new job is like learning to walk in high heels

Now that I am back to wearing high heels almost everyday—I can’t help but notice the similaries in re-learning how to walk in high heels and starting this new job. I’m walking carefully, sometimes I stumble, but I find myself standing a little taller and a little straighter each day.

Last Wednesday- the bottom fell out on me in a series of crazy events.

1. I woke up late still needing to shower because my hair was past due for a wash.
2. I put on three different pairs of pantyhose– the first pair had several runs, the second I’m pretty sure were old show choir tights, the third pair–the ones I ended up wearing had not one but three holes in the crotch.
3. I get out to my car with my purse, lunchbox and realize I needed a change of clothes because I worked at Old Navy that night.
4. I finally am ready to go start my car, hit the windshield wipers to get the dusting of snow off and my driver’s side wiper goes flying into the street!
5.I get out of my car grab the wiper throw it in the back seat and pull out —into the huge snow drift.
6.10 minutes later with the help of my mom we get my car out of the snow.
7. I’m 15 minutes late to work which in week three still seems like a bad impression.

I can laugh about it now that I have new pantyhose in my drawer, a new windshield wiper, and the snow is melting


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5 Events of Note Since January 7

So I have not updated for a long time so I have narrowed the past month-ish into 5 events of note

1. My grandparents stopped by on their way down to FL (I wish someday to be a snow bird) The first night they were here I made Baked Coconut Chicken, a very simple recipe. It was good–however I am resolved next time to marinate the chicken in coconut milk. With my grandparent’s visit they delivered their yappy dog cooper, they are not allowed to have their dog in FL so we take turns juggling the dog between our house and my aunt’s house. So Wilson has a playmate.

2. A few days after my grandparents left I had an interview! My first interview in several months (sad to admit) with CEDIA- a trade association based out of Indianapolis. I researched and prepared small portfolios for each person in the interview. I was very nervous—so nervous that 20 minutes before my interview I sat at the Arby’s across the street and downed an entire order of large curly fries by myself (eek!). After the interview I was not sure what to think, those of you who know me know that I am a classic over-analyzer.

3. Well my interview was on Thursday and I received a message from CEDIA on Monday while I was working at Old Navy. I thought oh great! They are calling to tell me I didn’t make it to the next round of interviews. So imagine my surprise when I called them back and they offered me the JOB! Yes a real JOB with real pay,benefits,vacation time what a blessing and even better it is a non-profit! I am so incredible thankful, especially reflecting on it now in my second week of work. I know this is where my career is meant to start.

4. This past weekend I went to my very first Zoomba class actually it was called “Latin Impact” for those of you who don’t know it’s a work-out class that combines a variety of dance genres. I went to this class with my mom and sister on my first weekend with NO work!! woot woot! It was so fun seeing my mom and sister shake their bootays and gettin’ low.

5. As I am now a full time employee with all the associated benefits including better pay I have begun exploring apartments, houses ect. but before I move out I want to have at least some furniture and other apartment accessories. The first big piece I bought this summer; my fantastic queen size bed. Now I have two more big pieces a couch and a love-seat I found from a fellow Zionsville inhabitant on craigslist 🙂


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