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michigan, forever in my heart

have I mentioned that BF and I are going to Michigan? I am sure I have…because I have become slightly obsessed with the upcoming trip.

you see Michigan and I have a long standing history. A love-love relationship if you will. I have been spending summers in Michigan for as long as I can remember. So when the weather gets warm and I think of getting away (but not too far) I always think Michigan.

BF made his first trip with my mom and I last summer he loved it, and even made a purchase at one of the antique shops (read about that here).

Given this is my first year of gainful employment time off is precious and savored and what better way to savor PTO than to lay on the beach reading books, eating at favorite restaurants  and doing a little bit of shopping.

Really what could be better?


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flip flops,shots & things to look forward to.

what a weekend.

I was summoned to work the ON dollar flip flop sale this weekend. For those of you who think Black Friday is the worst retail holiday, I challenge you to work flip flop day. This day is so intense that our store had security detail assigned all day (due to a scuffle that occurred last year).  After a grueling 5 hours on the register I was ready to cut loose after work.

Lucky for me I got the pleasure of attending my boss’ wedding at Connor Prairie. It was a beautiful late afternoon outdoor wedding with the sun shining and my boss looked absolutely stunning.

This was my first time hanging out with some of my co-workers outside of work, (I was unsure of how this would go)  BUT the evening was very fun. BF and I even went out for drinks with some of my co-workers after the reception.

This weekend BF and I have a fantastic trip planned to a B&B in Michigan. We are both ready for some sun, beach relaxing, and reading. I hope we get to pick some blueberries–though I am not sure it is quite the season yet. I hope this week of work goes fast!

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i blame high school

I am surrounded by people who love to run. BF loves to run, sister loves running my cousin M is even training for an Iron Man (crazy!). Whenever anyone has asked me about running I simply reply with “I hate running” or “My body is not built to run”. Though my 5″ frame and short legs certainly don’t help create a long stride, I have realized that is not the problem.

As I have analyzed my loathing hatred dislike of running I have realized where this all stems from…high school. Yes I blame high school. Upon further examination I have vivid recollections of being forced to run a mile on our track in a certain amount of time (don’t ask me what the requirement was, I don’t remember) and it was torture!

But as of late I can’t push the thought of running out of my mind any longer, everyone around me loves it so much maybe there is something to it. After doing a mix of jogging/running/walking I see the appeal, without time constraints running can be quite enjoyable, no pressure just me and my thoughts.

is a marathon in my future? perhaps--but let's see how it goes...

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things i love about my apartment

I really love my apartment. Furthermore I have enjoyed the bargain hunting that has helped me decorate my first apartment on a modest budget.I have also busted out my dslr again. It is high time i started using this camera for all it is worth. Today I played with aperture, my education will continue until I am shooting stunning photos…one day.

my awesome built in book case

my mom scored a dining set for me at a thrift store i'm in love with the chair backs I can't wait to re-do the seats. I am having a hard time picking a fabric.

I snatched these canisters from goodwill, I fell for the vintage font instantly. They sit quite nicely on top of my refrigerator since counter space is scarce in my galley kitchen.

When I started reading decorating blogs I came across many people who were using apothecary jars in different areas of their home. I was surprised how easy they were to find a a local goodwill and I love how they look in my bathroom.

I was not in the market for a chair, but when Mom and I happened upon this chair we knew it would make a beautiful edition to my bedroom. It is in excellent shape and I am a sucker for anything tufted. (making a tufted headboard is on one of my long future project lists.

This was another excellent find by Mom, she almost kept it for herself but thankfully decided that it looked great in my apartment.

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lots of new

three months into my new job and my blog has fallen of the face of the earth.

I am happy to say I have become quite well adjusted to my new position (feeling less like the new girl in every passing day). It is a change of pace from running around Old Navy, dressing mannequins and helping customers to sitting at a desk writing my little heart out all day. Perhaps that is why my side writing venture has been a recent failure. (hence I am posting this on my lunch break at work)

In other news.

I have moved into my first apartment completely on my own, though a little scary (not that scary since my parents are 5 blocks away) it’s completely liberating. With the moving and painting and arranging there has not been much time for blogging…though I have found plenty of time to read blogs about decorating on the cheap (which I have become slightly obsessed with). I love my new diggs and how it is already transforming into a place I can call home.

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