i blame high school

I am surrounded by people who love to run. BF loves to run, sister loves running my cousin M is even training for an Iron Man (crazy!). Whenever anyone has asked me about running I simply reply with “I hate running” or “My body is not built to run”. Though my 5″ frame and short legs certainly don’t help create a long stride, I have realized that is not the problem.

As I have analyzed my loathing hatred dislike of running I have realized where this all stems from…high school. Yes I blame high school. Upon further examination I have vivid recollections of being forced to run a mile on our track in a certain amount of time (don’t ask me what the requirement was, I don’t remember) and it was torture!

But as of late I can’t push the thought of running out of my mind any longer, everyone around me loves it so much maybe there is something to it. After doing a mix of jogging/running/walking I see the appeal, without time constraints running can be quite enjoyable, no pressure just me and my thoughts.

is a marathon in my future? perhaps--but let's see how it goes...


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