flip flops,shots & things to look forward to.

what a weekend.

I was summoned to work the ON dollar flip flop sale this weekend. For those of you who think Black Friday is the worst retail holiday, I challenge you to work flip flop day. This day is so intense that our store had security detail assigned all day (due to a scuffle that occurred last year).  After a grueling 5 hours on the register I was ready to cut loose after work.

Lucky for me I got the pleasure of attending my boss’ wedding at Connor Prairie. It was a beautiful late afternoon outdoor wedding with the sun shining and my boss looked absolutely stunning.

This was my first time hanging out with some of my co-workers outside of work, (I was unsure of how this would go)  BUT the evening was very fun. BF and I even went out for drinks with some of my co-workers after the reception.

This weekend BF and I have a fantastic trip planned to a B&B in Michigan. We are both ready for some sun, beach relaxing, and reading. I hope we get to pick some blueberries–though I am not sure it is quite the season yet. I hope this week of work goes fast!


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