this time last week

This time last week BF and I were on our way to Michigan for a long weekend of relaxation on the beach at one of my favorite little spots Lakeside Inn (check it out if you want a little get-away)

After checking in we went to the grocery store to get some necessities (wine and sunscreen) and hit the beach for a few hours. Oh how I love Michigan. After getting cleaned up we went into down town New Buffalo for dinner at the Stray Dog. As you can imagine Memorial Day is the kick-off for Lake Michigan weekends so it was quite busy everywhere we went. Thank goodness we are both over 21 because we were able to eat at the bar mmmm Chicago style hot dogs 🙂 After dinner we walked around New Buffalo enjoying the nice weather and then stopped at Nancy’s for some ice cream before heading back to Lakeside Inn.

There are beautiful sunsets to be seen on Lake Michigan so we put on some warmer clothes and walked down the the beach with our wine and a blanket. It was so relaxing listening to the waves, the smell of bonfires and the setting sun. I had thought that maybe this weekend would be the weekend that my BF turned into my Fiance but he was acting so cool, calm and collected I thought, perhaps this is NOT happening this weekend. And as the sun set and it began to get dark I really thought it was not going to happen. Being the slight instigator that I am I started the following conversation:

Me: ” So you know most of our friends think we’re getting engaged this weekend.”

BF: “Oh yeah? Well cheers to us getting engaged” (we cheers are little bottles of wine)

Me: Yeah but we’re not

BF: ” Oh we’re not?” (he pulls out the ring)

Needless to say I started bawling and BF formally asked me to marry him. I said yes, I didn’t even fully get to see the ring until we got back up to the Inn to start making phone calls.

The rest of the weekend was perfect: another day on the beach, hamburgers at the famous Redamaks, and another gorgeous sun-set on the beach!

My beautiful ring

he's excited for some Redamaks! Oh and We're engaged!

deadly loaded fries at Redamaks

the most random grocery store purchase ever: 1 bottle of USDA certified organic Ale, 2 Lindt Truffels, 2 fruit leathers, 1 cubs lighter, 2 Swisher Sweets

all the rocking chairs on the front porch.

look at that Michigan sun-set


he's loving his organic ale


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  1. Erin

    Gosh I am just o so excited! Stray dog is good, but I don’t know if I approve of your ice cream choice… Oinks is the place to go… But goodness goodness goodness is that such an exciting weekend… way to blog!

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