just a little visitor

further proof that we need to get Ryan out of Muncie.

Ryan lives in house that has been converted into three apartments in Muncie. It is a normal two bedroom apartment that he shares with a friend from work who will be dubbed roommate in this post.  It is not a great apartment, but I have seen worse (ah-hem calvert street anyone?)

For months Ryan and roommate have been hearing scratching and scampering above their heads. I have heard it too and we’re not talking about a small mouse making noise it sounded BIG! They of course contacted their landlord who responded by sending out a friend to put a trap on the roof, no perpetrators had been caught but the noise stopped for about three weeks.

BUT THEN… Last Saturday morning bright and early at 5:00 a.m. there was a great clatter and Ryan gets a phone call from  roommate

“Stay in your room, there is a raccoon in the living room”

Yes a live raccoon had fallen through the ceiling into Ryan’s apartment. A frantic phone call was made to the landlords, who suggested that roommate try and open their door to get the raccoon out of the house. Ryan and roommate firmly rejected this suggestion and waited in their respective rooms until the landlords came to fix the problem.

The landlords roll up in their vintage Cadillac (I imagine the wife wearing a Mu-mu with rollers in her hair–I was not there so I cannot validate this assumption) and the husband pulls a golf club from the trunk, takes it inside and beats the raccoon to death, breaking the golf club in the process and smattering animal remains everywhere including on roommate’s newly upholstered couch.

it is now Tuesday, no one has been out to the house to clean up the mess or replace the shattered ceiling tiles.

We need to get Ryan out of Muncie!


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  1. Erin

    Thats disgusting. Poor hubby.

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