1. I’m trying to get into a regular workout routine, but guess what? that is easier said than done.

2. Last week a finished the chick-lit book Something Blue very cute book that is a sequel to Something Borrowed. If you’re looking for something light check it out

3. My project list is ever growing, hopefully I will get some of my apartment projects finished before I start wedding projects. I still need curtains some more throw pillows and to recover my dining room chairs. Goal to get these projects done by middle of September is that crazy?

4. I finally saw Eclipse! Baby sister and I went and saw it last Thursday and last night we saw Despicable Me — let me just say thank you  AMC theaters for making all movies $5 during the week, my budget can handle that 🙂

5.It feels awesome to have some wedding details nailed down, but I can’t help but to start making to-do lists in my head of everything else to come.

6. work is sucking me dry these days ( i love it don’t get me wrong it’s just busy!) — all I want to do when I get home is lay in front of the air conditioner in my pajamas and eat frozen grapes. This is severely interfering with #1

7. My internet is currently out and after an hour and a half on hold with Brighthouse I have an appointment set up for Monday. Gahh! No internet until then 😦

8. On a happy note we get to see some old friends this weekend and celebrate their new house! woot! after this weekend I will have to post the house warming gift I made for them.

that’s all for now, still living it up in the real world. Even though it is sometimes exhausting I wouldn’t trade it.


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  1. Amanda

    We are so glad you came to see us this weekend and the housewarming present was wonderful! We love them and they match so well, you are great 🙂

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