from your closet to mine

It has become a family tradition at the Sellke Family Reunion to have a white elephant gift exchange. The gifts range from ceramic bunnies to unwanted golf gear. This year guess what I took home in the white elephant? A Cuisinart bread machine! I was so excited that I got this stainless steel puppy.

I had visions of all the delicious breads Ryan and I would make. I mean it’s one less thing to register for right? (and in case you didn’t know they can be kinda pricey too)

let me tell you a secret…bread machines are intimidating. with our bread machine we were gifted some recipe books and it’s  intense for someone who does not cook often/at all. I always wondered why I see shelves full of bread machines at the local goodwill, I guess I just assumed they were broken. Well now I think it may be due to the fact that they are scary.

So in my pantry the bread machine sits, until the day I conquer my fear.


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