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you’ve been where?

This past week I was fortunate to get to be initiated into my company family even further as I jetted to Atlanta for  our annual tradeshow.As the weeks to the show slowly began to tick down I started to realize that this thing we call a tradeshow is a huge beast.

When I got on site last Wednesday I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked around and the tradeshow floor was like carnival, lights flashing, signage and new products  everywhere beckoning visitors and the humm of multiple conversations all happening at once.


The show floor on opening day


The show was a culmination of months and months of planning and messaging. What a great experience for an entry level PR professional.

My body is still bouncing back from the busy week and my horrible Atlanta diet of 90%  diet coke and 10% banquet catering food.


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i found her.

 After months and months of searching, I found a night stand. People must buy night stands and hang on to them because they are a rare find in my months of thrifting. I found this beaut the day before my birthday. I like to think the goodwill gods were smiling at me. She  is in rough shape, but she’s real wood. And those spindly legs, love! She may not look like much right now but just wait until I get done with her.

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ummm babe?

This past Sunday I was blow-drying my hair while Ryan enjoyed his coffee and The Wall Street Journal.  I was going about my business nothing unusual and he stops me

Ryan: “Umm babe, do you hum while you blow dry your hair?”

Me: ” No, that is weird”

Ryan: ” Are you sure, I’m pretty sure I heard you humming to the sound of your hair-dryer”

Me: ” Yes I’m sure”

Well today while I was getting ready for work, alone in my apartment I caught myself humming to the sound of my hair-dryer. It is strange how some people notice things you do that you don’t even realize yourself. Guess it’s a little preview to what married life will be like. Haha.

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the house of virgos

Today is baby sister’s birthday ahhh to be 17 (actually I wouldn’t go back to 17 if you paid me a million dollars) baby brother turns 20 tomorrow (now I would go back to 20– college those were fun days)

Yes we’re all September birthdays — All virgos

I don’t set much by astrological signs. I don’t check my horoscope, I never ask people their sign because it does not really mean anything to me.

As the years pass I cannot help but notice the distinct differences between all of us.  So much so that I find the only trait I really share with my siblings is that we all have inclinations towards the arts and crafts arena of things.

I think I subscribe to the philosophy of birth-order as the oldest I am a classic type A, my brother the second child is not one for conventions and very social, my younger sister is the peace-maker and classic over-achiever.

thoughts? birth order or astrological sign?

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Yesterday I turned 24. Officially, undeniably in my mid-twenties. And I am going to ROCK-IT!

I think 24 will be a good year for me — I’m getting married, I am working in my field learning more everyday, I have an amazing family and wonderful friends. What more could a girl ask for?

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