the house of virgos

Today is baby sister’s birthday ahhh to be 17 (actually I wouldn’t go back to 17 if you paid me a million dollars) baby brother turns 20 tomorrow (now I would go back to 20– college those were fun days)

Yes we’re all September birthdays — All virgos

I don’t set much by astrological signs. I don’t check my horoscope, I never ask people their sign because it does not really mean anything to me.

As the years pass I cannot help but notice the distinct differences between all of us.  So much so that I find the only trait I really share with my siblings is that we all have inclinations towards the arts and crafts arena of things.

I think I subscribe to the philosophy of birth-order as the oldest I am a classic type A, my brother the second child is not one for conventions and very social, my younger sister is the peace-maker and classic over-achiever.

thoughts? birth order or astrological sign?


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