the reveal

to fully understand why my nightstand search had been going on for months you must understand a few things.

This is the night stand situation I was dealing with. Yes it is an old stool, super cute for a make-shift side table but unsuitable for a night stand. Where could I put my TV remotes? My bedside reading? It all ended up on the floor next to the stool.

So for months I have searched every thrift store and even was tempted by some night stands a TJ Maxx but I could not cough up $80 for such a small piece of furniture (that would cost more than my dresser and mirror)

And then the day before my birthday I found this  lovely night stand at my local goodwill. She was in rough shape. Water stained top with what appeared to be spilled nail polish, some of the legs had some chew marks on them. But she was SOLID wood so I knew she could be re-fabbed fairly easily.









Love Love Love IT!

Price Breakdown:

Night Stand – $9.99
Sand Paper – $2.99
Wood Stain- $3.99
Polyurethane- $3.99
Cream Paint – Free (on hand from my apartment painting — my father rolled his eyes when I told him I was using the leftover paint from my walls.)

Grand Total- $20.96


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