gettin’ real

On Friday I took the day off of work and went wedding dress shopping. In my mind I was doing this early. I mean common we’re not getting married until August. But turns out this is exactly when I needed to start thinking about this momentous purchase.

The wedding and getting married seemed to get a lot more real this weekend. Between trying on dresses, talking with a DJ and meeting with our pastor it was almost a complete weekend of wedding stuff with a side of Halloween and Bob Dylan. (isn’t that quite the combo)

I have a new resolve for this wedding planning business. With so much happening this past weekend I did get just a little anxiety. So I have three guidelines to help keep me in check when I get this anxious feeling.

1. Don’t get pressured into any purchase or decision – the wedding market is saturated with sales men and women who build their business on the fear of regret and I refuse to participate in that. Let me take my time people! If you rush me chances are I will not pick you as a vendor.

2.Take things as they come – nuff said.

3. It’s not going to be perfect – now you may think this sounds pessimistic. My wedding day will be perfect for me of course because I get to marry a wonderful man in front of my closest friends and family. But let’s be real people chances are that at least one thing will hick-up and if I prepare myself for that possibility now then guess what… I won’t have a panic attack on the day of my wedding.

I’m just a real bride planning a wedding, funny how you don’t see Ariel or Jasmine or Cinderella freak out about their wedding. Must be nice to live in that fantasy world haha.


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