difference between here and there

Do you ever find yourself in that total negative funk where you’re just a pill to be around? I have found myself there more recently and most commonly when I am at my second job at the irritating Old Navy.

I get my nose out of joint easily between incompetent managers and demanding customers. And yesterday as I drove to this second job I found myself going to the dark and dreary place. As I walked through the parking lot I tried to snap myself out of it. Because really who wants to be around a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy even if I was just joining in on an existing pitty party.

Last week I wrapped up my Women in the Bible Study at church and as I walked to the dreaded doors something the leader said to me rang in my ears:

How Can I be a Graceful Woman Today?

That is the challenge I am taking upon myself and the attitude I hope to portray in many aspects of my life. Sure it won’t be easy but, it will make me a better person to be around and more of the woman I want to be.  Wish me luck I work again tonight.


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