finders keepers

I am very thankful to the man who moved out of my apartment. He left me all his curtain rods and curtains, some of which actually matched my color scheme, woot! He also left me a TV stand which I sold on craigslist and a coffee table that I eventually had to haul to goodwill because I was tired of looking at it and no one was interested in buying it. ( a week later I saw what goodwill was asking for it $90 and I thought.. HA! good luck with that).

After re-habbing my nightstand a few weeks ago I feel empowered to do more furniture and as I was putting away my paint, stain and sandpaper to my great surprise I found a brand new can of ebony stain in the utility closet that I prefer not to look at or even think about.

I may just need to find a new piece of furniture to rehab so I can use this to create something lovely like this….

I think it’s a dreamy combination, yes furniture can be dreamy. Eventually my mother will ask for that pottery barn desk back that currently occupies my office nook. Perhaps I will start trolling to see what I can rehab to look like this.



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