the short list

my to-do list is out of control. I mean it, out of control. Do you ever get the feeling there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want? Well I feel that way a lot lately. I want to get it all done yesterday, never you mind that I spent an hour watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night never you mind. We all need some trash TV every once in awhile right?

So here it is the short list to get accomplished this week and I already have a few things to check off.

  • Get an oil change (my future father in law may blow a gasket if he knew I was about 3,000 miles over-due oops!)
  • Get a Hair Cut – to be accomplished today thank goodness!
  • Mail Deposit and Contract to DJ- yes! one more thing off the wedding list.
  • Buy fabric to recover my pillows and dining room chairs
  • Start my Christmas Shopping List – yes another list
  • Devise a plan to a. take out my air conditioning units or b. keep the cold air from coming in.
  • Install my curtain tie-backs – Mom and I tried to do this a few weeks ago but she almost got a drill bit stuck in my wall.

seems like a reasonable list considering one of my evenings is lost to work at Old Navy, gross!


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