It is Thursday and sadly my list is not really shrinking all too much. However I have done 1 load of  laundry, continued working on my save the date design (yes friends and family they will be printed soon I swear), clipped a stack of coupons that has been sitting on my coffee table for two weeks, and I made a proto-type of a new art project for my apt. (more details on that soon) oh and my body decided that it would be fun to produce copious amounts of snot to drip down my face this week (awesome!). If my go-off list week is not a testament to my ADD I don’t know what is.

  • Get an oil change (my future father in law may blow a gasket if he knew I was about 3,000 miles over-due oops!)
  • Get a Hair Cut
  • Mail Deposit and Contract to DJ- yes! one more thing off the wedding list.
  • Buy fabric to recover my pillows (mom picked up the fabric for me, isn’t she a peach?)  and dining room chairs (still have to pick up the fabric for the chairs)
  • Start my Christmas Shopping List – yes another list
  • Devise a plan to a. take out my air conditioning units or b. keep the cold air from coming in.
  • Install my curtain tie-backs – Mom and I tried to do this a few weeks ago but she almost got a drill bit stuck in my wall.

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