all you need is love…and a glass of wine.

I have been looking for artwork of sorts to spruce up some of my barren walls. Everything I found was 1.too expensive 2.not the right color scheme or 3. too girly or 4. too lame to grace my walls. There is a lot of lame home decor out there.

then I saw this. At $300 it fit into the too expensive category but I loved it!

Then reading crafty blogs (as I do more than I like to admit) I found this rendition. The wheels started turning. I didn’t know about the wood I thought a canvas art piece was more suitable for the space but I wanted something that looked a little worn and had some dimension. Then I found this. Off I was to Michaels for the needed supplies.

I thought I would use my silhouette to cut a contact paper “stencil”. I had tried it on a smaller canvas to test this technique. It worked great on the small canvas so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It seemed to work ok at first . I am very impatient and wanted this project done yesterday so I took a hair dryer to the canvas after applying the pages from the phone book, modge podge, my stencil and another layer of paint.

This is what happened heat + modge podge phone book pages + contact paper = not a good combo . I don’t recommend this method.

One glass of wine in I didn’t see this as a set back, I dabbed some paint on the hole and convinced myself this was the ‘worn’ look I was going for.  I continued on with the end product looking like this

Yes there were other tears as I continued on. What a craft fail! And in this photo the canvas already has paint dripped on it  for a re-do.  So yeah I didn’t do so well the first time around. I let the new coat of brown dry overnight and started from scratch the next morning. My new plan was to use paper letters and modge podge them on. I opposed this before because I didn’t think it would be the right look. But I cut out the letters in old paper that I didn’t like to test the look of it. It was exactly how I wanted it to look. Off to Michaels again for scrapbook paper in the appropriate colors. An then we have finished product #1

As fate would have it I got so excited about getting this project wrapped up I stepped away from my silhouette while it was cutting the LOVE for the second canvas and it got caught and ate the paper. So off to Michaels again for a single sheet of ‘parakeet’ cardstock.

ta-da! now I have to decide if I want to hang them side by side or one on top of the other. Hummm

Price Stats: (not including the supplies for the initial craft fail)

2 Canvases- $8.99
2 bottles brown paint -.89 cents each
1 large sponge brush- .59
1 medium sponge brush- .79
6 pieces khaki card stock -.41 cents each
3 pieces of parakeet card stock – .34 cents each
Modge Podge- on hand

grand total: $15.63 compared to $300

Now taking orders. Totally kidding! I love this project but I’m done. haha.


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