Blog #50

Whoa 50 entries. Is that a lot? Probably not considering I started in July of 2009. But a milestone none the less. Let’s catch up shall we? Perhaps a list of notable things is appropriate.

1. I have continued to winterize my apartment, sealing my windows and mostly piling on the layers at night.

2. I ate deer. Ryan and I made dirty rice (one of our fav meals) except this time we used deer instead of ground beef.  Ryan got it from his parents who got it from a family friend who hunts on their land. It was not bad, not as flavorful but not bad.

3. This past weekend we celebrated my dear father’s birthday. Happy birthday Dad!

4. Future hubby and I have become entranced with The Big Bang Theory. On impulse he bought the first season and I must say it is hi-lar-ious! New TV on DVD love.

5. I’m still trying to decide how I want to decorate the apt for the holidays. I am thinking of going the simple route mostly because it’s cheaper and I still have gifts to buy 🙂

6.  A news-worthy tid-bit. 18 families in our town have had their outdoor Christmas decorations stolen. When I say stolen I mean everything timers, extension cords, lights — everything! Talk about a Grinch!

7. I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire and I am chomping at the bit to buy the next book. I am trying to wait until it a. comes out in paperback or b. becomes available at the library.On that note I really want to join a book club or start a book club. Something to think about in the new year.

8. I went to my first roller derby match and let me say it won’t be my last. These women are incredible they push and shove and get all sorts of agressive all on roller skates. If you don’t know what I am talking about rent Whip It, if you do know what I’m talking about and want some grade-A entertainment look up the Naptown Roller Girls’ Schedule.

9. I continue to torture myself by looking at Pet Finder’s website. I so desperately want a dog. But I also want to be a responsible pet owner and recognize that this is not the right time for us. We have agreed that by next Christmas there will be a dog in our home.

10. Does anyone else find it hard not to buy things for yourself this time of year? I mean there are so many great deals out there, I’m struggling. I am trying to combat this by make detailed notes to hand ideas off to future hubby and my darling mother.


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