old people quotes

Working in retail is an adventure and a nightmare at the same time. This week I have been bitter because I’ve been scheduled twice for shifts well past my 10:00 bedtime. It is amazing how a few kind customers can change your tune. I helped a set of grandparents pick out pajama sets for their 6 grandchildren. They were very confused about the sizing and needed help finding things that matched.  Here are some of the funny things they said. I don’t know their names so I will make them up.

June: What do you think of this combination Barry?

Barry: Well June I think that is lovely, I think this outfit would really help her sense of self worth. She would feel beautiful in those pajamas.

June: Well she is in that awkward stage between being a child and a teenager.

Barry: I’ve been in that awkward phase my whole life.I keep hoping I will grow out of it.

June: You see men have no appreciation for all the work and effort that goes into Christmas shopping and they wonder why we want to leave them at home.

Barry: What do you mean? This is about as much fun as buying paint in a paint store.


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