In case you have not figured it out, recently my life has taken a strict turn in a direction I never thought it would. I never thought that it would be an accomplishment to make it though a week of work without crying (mind you I have not made it there yet, but I am hopeful that I will). My grief began as most people’s do: in total denial, and I still frequently feel that and ask “is this really my life?”. Well this is my life and though I may not be ready to embrace change I am doing my best to cope with the reality of it all…every single day.

My coping methods have varied over the weeks.

keeping busy.

making goals.

getting out of town when I can.

leaning on great friends.




drinking wine.

and watching TV dramas mostly Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, Mad Men, a little Gossip Girl and my favorite reality dramas The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the new season of Teen Mom. It is a full drama buffet! On a good day the thrill of the fake drama is enough to distract me from my real life actual drama.

But there are days when I still feel like this….

(yes I realize the clip will direct you to YouTube to watch, sorry :()


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