January by the Numbers

5- tried 5 new recipes: ravioli soup, home-made pizza pockets, 2 ingredient fudge, the failed attempt at bagel bread, and lentil orzo stew (recipe below and by papper I clearly mean pepper..duh!)…goal win!

3- the number of Oscar nominated movies I saw. Black Swan, The King’s Speech, and  Blue Valentine

2- the number times I journaled this month..goal fail.

1- the number of times I used my bread machine this month…goal win!

0- the size of the 4 new pairs of pants I bought this month..not part of my goals but YAY!

In other goal news. I found a pattern for my inaugural quilt. I will be purchasing the UNmanual at a Valentine’s Day gift to myself — perhaps that will inspire some sort of photography goal. It is far too cold to build anything so that will be on hold until spring. I picked up the Bell Jar but decided that a book about a woman who buries herself alive may not be the best book to start with even if it is fictional.

and life moves on into February 2011. With the month beginning with 2 days off work, and a visit from dear Johna I like where we’re headed.


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