10 Things That Rock My World Right Now

1. A co-worker and I have bonded over our love of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. She is letting me borrow the third one after she finishes it tonight. Awesome!

2. My heat works. Yes the ancient heater that required a new fan to be shipped from California is now working. My apt. is toasty warm (mostly).

3. Getting compliments on clothes I thrifted from goodwill. I think I get the equivalent of a runner’s high from finding good deals on clothes.

4. Parks and Recreation. The second season is pretty much bomb and on netflix streaming. You may think that I have an abnormal relationship with my netflix but if you must know… we’re dating. It’s pretty serious.

5. My fantastic Mother who will spend the day with me even though I’m not always nice. She hems my pants that are always too long and is always willing to help me with my DIY projects. I don’t say it enough..thanks Mom!

6. Leftovers- yes I really said that. Those of you that know me know that I am terrible about eating leftovers. However lately, cooking for 1 leaves for a lot of leftovers with most recipes.I have come to appreciate being able to just grab that tupperwear container on my way out the door no lunch packing needed. Maybe that is why I keep oversleeping my alarm….

7. Girltalk. It is the perfect music to car dance to and to dance around your apartment alone to. Go ahead, try it I won’t judge. I even find myself grooving to this at my desk, a little chair dancing if you will, not to be confused with car dancing.

8. Finishing projects. Not ready to post about this particular project yet, well because it’s not really done. But I am so close. Next post. It feels awesome to get things checked off your running to do list.

9. Rain. Yes it’s gloomy out and it has gotten significantly chillier but I love the rain. It makes things feel like a fresh start and it always helps me sleep so sound.

10. Trader Joe’s Veggie Corn Dogs and fries. Comfort food people. I’m not a vegetarian but sometimes I eat like one and sometimes I enjoy a nice steak or hamburger. When it’s been a rough day, fries and a veggie corn dog do the trick.


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