what can you get for $7?!

I’ve been bitter about this tax business. I’ve seen my pay-stubs and seen how much has been taken out and it makes me sad or makes me think of all the fabulous fun I could have if I didn’t have to give uncle sam his due. As part of the adult working world I thought ok, it’s fine I’ll get some back come tax season.

And then uncle sam slapped my hands because apparently I don’t know how to fill out my paper-work correctly and selected the wrong single status. So the nice return I thought I would get turned out to only be about $7. I should be thankful that I didn’t owe more and that my return from the good ol’ state of Indiana covered most of what I owed to the Federal govt.

But seriously $7. What can you do with $7? That will not cover a movie, lunch at panera or even a car wash.

As the fates would have it I found the perfect way to spend my $7. Saturday was 50% off at Goodwill and I found this glorious set of mixing bowls and guess how much the set of 11 glass bowls cost me…$7.49. I guess Karma decided to throw me a bone.



the smallest mixing bowl of all.

Let the cooking and baking continue, I’m getting the necessary tools on the cheap!


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