I cooked my weekend away.

cooking never really appealed to me prior to this year. I much preferred to snack on microwave popcorn and a cheese stick for dinner or sometimes make the occasional panini.

After this weekend I think I can say the tides are turning.

I made chicken creole on Friday. (perfected recipe to be posted soon)

Made Blueberry crisp on Saturday morning.
Made a loaf of herb foccacia bread Saturday afternoon.

Cooked waffles on Sunday to freeze and bring to work for a quick breakfast.

I rounded out my weekend making home-made pita bread last night ( I don’t really like pita bread all that much but I had a wild idea of making pita chips and thought why buy pitas when I can make them) .

I’m exhausted, not to mention now I have all this food in my apartment. Sometimes I forget that I live alone.

I have made friends with my bread machine for the time being. I think the trick is it just use the dough cycle, allowing the bread to cook in the machine has not ended well for me.

the cooking re-commences tonight with pita chips and that may be all I eat for dinner because sometimes we revert back to old habits.


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