What’s Cookin’ : Chicken Creole Edition

I’m adding a new series to this blog in addition to Happy Sunday (which has not always been timely) I’m adding a what’s cookin’ tag. Since my goals for 2011 have pushed me to cook more and I’m lovin’ it I will share my successful recipes. So we’ll begin with Chicken Creole.

I’ve made Chicken Creole twice now and after my second shot I think I have the recipe where I want it. The first time I made it it was a little dry. My Mom told me that my Grandmother had a chicken creole recipe that included a can of spicy v8 so I took that and added it. This got the recipe to more of a stew, just how I wanted it and it’s yummy over white rice.

The first time I shopped for these ingredients I thought creole seasoning may be hard to find in Indiana, but I found this at my local grocery store and it’s fantastic.

Be advised it’s spicy! Oh and I only used two chicken breasts because the frozen chicken breasts from Trader Joes are HUGE but it was plenty to feed me, my brother, my dad(2 servings) and I had leftovers!

Use your own judgment for garlic and the red pepper flakes (I just did a quick sprinkle) .

I am becoming notorious for adding tablespoons of garlic to most recipes, much more than called for but I love it.


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  1. Erin

    This looks yummy, I may have to try it!!!

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