Change Can Be Good, Scary but Good

I got my hair cut and colored, I’ve never been anything but a blonde, but it was time for a change. I’m still getting used to it but for now I like it.

March has been a month of fervent cooking and change. Slowly I am starting to dig out of the sad-girl hole I’ve been hanging out in. I still have my days which I am sure is normal but I think I am moving in the right direction. I have not sewn a quilt or built anything. Today this 31st day of March I finally purchased the unManual, in hopes of improving my photography skills.

In a little more than a month I will be walking across the Tijuana border with 11 strangers (strangers is probably the wrong word because I’ve met them. I just don’t know them well yet) with 11 people who have a passion, who have taken vacation days and saved money with the mission to help other people (there that sounds better).

My cooking adventures have included: chicken creole take 2, herb foccacia bread, fudge, pita bread, beef stroganoff, potato latkes, stir fry vegetables, twice baked potatoes, tilapia with mustard chive sauce and granola.  Not all of them have been blog worthy recipes, or I don’t think the recipe has been tested enough to post. Looking at this list it’s no wonder I have not sewn or built anything I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen all month.

Onwards to April.


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  1. Erin

    I like the hair 🙂

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