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A week plus since my last post. What have I been up to? Well lots let me tell you about it.

Helping baby sister get ready for prom. How beautiful is she?

I’ve started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix streaming. What can I say when you have multiple rainy days it’s nice to lounge around and veg out. Plus Charlie Hunam is a total babe.

Cooking has been kind of stagnant. It’s been crappy weather, so I cooked Lentil Orzo stew and that fed me for several days. Yum.

I’ve been reading on several foodie blogs about Kale and making Kale chips. This sounded like a simple recipe and a way to get some good greens in my diet. I went to the grocery store and bought this:

This is not Kale. I have no idea what it is but it was labeled Kale. When I looked up the recipe I found out that this is not what Kale looks like. So that recipe will have to wait and I will have to figure out what this is and what I can do with it. I have some beautiful produce to cook with: an avocado, an artichoke and much more. New recipes coming soon. I think tonight I may stick with something simple like grilled cheese or some bacon. Yes bacon sounds delicious.

This weekend I will be helping a very special bachelorette celebrate her upcoming marriage.

In the past 30 days I have bought all these:
No I don’t have an addiction. Well maybe I do. But I don’t think there are any more colors that I don’t have. Whoops. At least it’s a cheap addiction.


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t-minus one month

One month until Tijuana.

One of my co-workers regularly travels to Mexico for work. Yesterday I told him I was going to Tijuana … he asked if I was crazy.

This seems to be the first question people ask when they find out I am going.

Don’t worry I checked with my doctor I have all my marbles and they are prepared to make the trip with me. Haha just kidding … no really I was just kidding.

As of our meeting last week we still don’t have a specific plan of what projects we will be doing once we get there. I’m trying my best not to let this get the best of me given my type A/intense planning behaviors. Maybe this trip will be a lesson in letting go and walking in the light of an experience.

stress less.

trust more.

Last week I had a dream I showed up to the airport empty-handed, no passport, no bag, not even a tube of chapstick. I hope this does not happen. It probably won’t but in the dream it was terrifying.

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What’s Cookin’: Cheesy Black Bean Risotto

I’m just going to put this out there…I don’t get this risotto thing. This dish was delicious, spicy and was pretty easy to make. In part maybe I don’t understand risotto because to me it just seems like the diva of the rice family. It’s not very easy to find or maybe I was in the wrong aisle last week in every one of the 5 grocery stores I went to then you add your chicken broth cup by cup which is fine, it just requires a little more attention than the standard rice dish. I am curious to see if  I could do a variation of  this recipe with gasp long grain rice — it’s far easier to find.

In any case this meal was simple and yummy, vegetarian friendly and another excuse for me to put cilantro on something. Oh and someone told me that rice and beans make a complete protein, don’t know if that is true but it made me feel less guilty about shoveling this down with tortilla chips.

Cheesy Black Bean Risotto
Source: A Pinch of Yum

risotto (1 cup uncooked)
chicken broth (3 cups)
diced tomatoes — I used salsa and it worked wonderful
black beans
3/4 cup shredded “Mexican” cheese
taco seasoning packet  — I may opt for the low sodium kind next time ’twas a tad salty
fresh cilantro

  1. Saute some garlic or onion in a pan with about 1 tablespoon olive oil.  Add risotto and seasoning and stir for about 2 minutes (high heat).
  2. Add chicken broth 1 cup at a time and stir until liquid is absorbed.
  3. Add black beans, diced tomatoes  Heat through.
  4. Just before serving, stir in cheese until it melts.  Top with cilantro!

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Wants and Needs

I remember the days I used to make lists of clothing items and accessories to look for. I thought it necessary to keep this list with me to decrease the amount of impulse purchases. Yes I am that type A. Sometimes this method worked quite effectively.  Sometimes it did not.

Lately I have found myself creating lists of cooking gadgets I need.  What has happened to me? Instead of a list including red patent leather flats and a new pair of trouser jeans my list now has things like a pastry brush and food processor. Luckily some of my kitchen needs have been met with thrifty trips to goodwill…hello mixing bowls and rolling pin, welcome to my kitchen.

So if you’re in the market to send me a gift these are the things I am requesting:

a sifter.
a pastry brush.
a hand mixer. (or a kitchen-aide but I’m not picky)
a loaf pan.
a food processor.
a strainer.

oh and a bigger kitchen. thanks!

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What’s Cookin’ : Oriental Hot Slaw

I went to the grocery store every day last week. Treacherous. I always seemed to forget something or get so frustrated by my inability to find a key ingredient that I stormed out with nothing in hand. I drove all over town looking for the ingredients for this recipe. When trips to 5, yes 5 grocery stores yielded no results for illusive hot chili oil, I phoned a friend. That is how bad I wanted to make this salad. I got this recipe from a co-worker and sent her a desperate text asking to borrow her hot chili oil.

This salad is amazing, a great side to a boring lunch or a lunch all on it’s own. The ingredients are an investment, just telling you now. But they will likely last for several batches. and really, who does not love a recipe that includes Ramen Noodles? I know many friends that were introduced to this delicacy in college, Ramen Noodles and I go way back to the days when I would call it curly soup.

Oriental Hot Slaw
Source: My Lovely Co-Worker Ashley S.

Combine:   1 package shredded cabbage and 8 green onion (chopped)

4 Tbsp. sugar
3 tsp  pepper
2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup rice vinegar
3/4 cup veg. oil
4 Tbsp sesame oil
2 Tbsp hot chili oil

Mix dressing and add to cabbage mixture

Marinate overnight in closed container.  Next day break up  3 packages chicken flavored Ramen noodles.(dry, not cooked) and then add the seasoning packets.

Add 4oz. slivered almonds and 4 Tbsp sesame seeds (when I realized I didn’t have almonds I decided to omit them, I refuse to take one more trip to the store)

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sometimes the short win.

I already posted about this on twitter, but I got some truly amazing deals at the 50% off event at Goodwill this weekend. A tucker for Target dress for a mere $1.50 because the cashier thought it looked more like a top than a dress. I also got a rolling pin which does not sound exciting but as I am becoming a foodie, it totally is. I also got an Italian cookie iron to make delicious Pizzelles. So come on over domestic goddess in training.

I tried to take a photo in the dress but the self portraits didn’t turn out too well.

And as a bonus this hilarious conversation happened while I was waiting for a dressing room at the Goodwill.

Older Woman: Your hair is gorgeous, I mean gorgeous. That is what my daughter’s hair used to look like when she was little.

Me: Oh thank you, it’s not real.

Older Woman: Your hair is not real?!

Me: Oh no I mean the color, I’m not really a true redhead.

Older Woman: Well you could have fooled me.

Lesson Learned: Take a compliment, people don’t need to know that your hair is not naturally red.

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Happy Sunday 4.3.11

I’ve been slacking on the Happy Sunday posts.  My Sundays as of late have been perfectly lazy. Church with the family, afternoon naps and cooking (always cooking). Sundays have also been a time for me to prepare for my upcoming trip to Tijuana. Happy Sunday, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful day.

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