sometimes the short win.

I already posted about this on twitter, but I got some truly amazing deals at the 50% off event at Goodwill this weekend. A tucker for Target dress for a mere $1.50 because the cashier thought it looked more like a top than a dress. I also got a rolling pin which does not sound exciting but as I am becoming a foodie, it totally is. I also got an Italian cookie iron to make delicious Pizzelles. So come on over domestic goddess in training.

I tried to take a photo in the dress but the self portraits didn’t turn out too well.

And as a bonus this hilarious conversation happened while I was waiting for a dressing room at the Goodwill.

Older Woman: Your hair is gorgeous, I mean gorgeous. That is what my daughter’s hair used to look like when she was little.

Me: Oh thank you, it’s not real.

Older Woman: Your hair is not real?!

Me: Oh no I mean the color, I’m not really a true redhead.

Older Woman: Well you could have fooled me.

Lesson Learned: Take a compliment, people don’t need to know that your hair is not naturally red.


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  1. I just got a pizzelle maker too & have been cranking them out like crazy & making cannolis! Still need to perfect my cannoli filling recipe though!

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