t-minus one month

One month until Tijuana.

One of my co-workers regularly travels to Mexico for work. Yesterday I told him I was going to Tijuana … he asked if I was crazy.

This seems to be the first question people ask when they find out I am going.

Don’t worry I checked with my doctor I have all my marbles and they are prepared to make the trip with me. Haha just kidding … no really I was just kidding.

As of our meeting last week we still don’t have a specific plan of what projects we will be doing once we get there. I’m trying my best not to let this get the best of me given my type A/intense planning behaviors. Maybe this trip will be a lesson in letting go and walking in the light of an experience.

stress less.

trust more.

Last week I had a dream I showed up to the airport empty-handed, no passport, no bag, not even a tube of chapstick. I hope this does not happen. It probably won’t but in the dream it was terrifying.


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