Peace Found

I went into my trip to Tijuana with big expectations.

Expectations of finding some answers to my life’s current questions. I felt an undeniable pull to Tijuana to find these answers. Everything about the trip description spoke to me. Working with a women’s shelter, learning about human trafficking, and the timing was right on. 5 months almost to the day since my world was turned upside-down I left for this journey.

I can’t say any revelations have been received.  I still don’t really know the direction of my life. If I will go back to school. If I will pursue other new avenues. But I can say this much. Monday sitting in my cubicle settling into my daily routine of checking e-mails and working on my to-do list I felt this overwhelming sense of peace.

I continued to feel this feeling of peace throughout my day. After work. Grocery shopping. Cooking Dinner. Cleaning my apartment.

My life is going to be ok. It may not be what I had originally planned, and things may unfold slower than I would like, but I am grateful for this wild and crazy life of mine.

I will continue to share more about my Tijuana journey, as I decide how best to write about it.

This song may be a little cheesy but I totally relate to some of the verses.

“For the first time, in such a long long time. I know. I’ll be ok”


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