This is the conversation that happened between my Mom, Dad, Brother and I on our way home from church this past Sunday. Only our family. And maybe I’m the only one who will find this humorous.

Mom: So Grandpa e-mailed me a link for the two of you, it’s some dating site that Glenn Beck recommended or maybe it was Rush Limbaugh

Me: Yes, those are two people I would definitely take dating advice from.

Zach: Yeah, not really looking to meet anyone right now. It will happen when it happens.

Dad: Exactly, but maybe you should consider fishing in some other ponds Zach.

Zach: Dad I’m not gay.

Dad: That’s not what I meant.

Me: You fish in cesspools Zach.


Me: No C-E-S-S-P-O-O-L-S

Zach: What is that?

Dad: It’s just dirty, smelly, scummy water

Zach: I don’t fish in dirty waters.


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