Last weekend I got a healthy dose of Tijuana memories as our team gathered together for a post trip meeting. I am sure I’m not the only one who is still processing through the trip and trying to discern why God called me to Tijuana.

So far the realizations have been simple. The realization that a life I had planned was different than the plan that God had for me. Though leaving that former life and those plans behind has been incredibly painful, I do believe I am being challenged in this way for a purpose. The plan will be revealed to me slowly.

I’ve spent more time recently processing the things right in front of me and that has taken precedence over processing the rest of my Tijuana trip. My best friend getting married this month was an emotional triathlon, one that I completed with merit but one that definitely left me a bit spiritually depleted.

That is why the weekend get-together was a nice reminder of everything that happened in Tijuana. I think God has revealed another simple lesson to me after this weekend, and that is the need to be part of a community of believers.  Over the years there have been seasons where I have been a part of a community of believers and seasons where I have not. Being in Tijuana with people who shared honestly, accepted openly and encouraged spiritual growth really showed me how important it is for me to pursue relationships with people who share my beliefs. And as it is getting easier to talk about my story with fewer tears I think I am getting to a place where I can enter these relationships without being a total emotional hot mess.

Simple things I have learned. But precious none the less.


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