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holy cow it’s almost August and my blog posts as of late have been few and far between. What can I say. I forgot how busy this time of year is with work. So what have I been doing with my time. Well I have been cooking some successes some recipes that need to be tweaked and some that were total failures (ah-hem home-made pesto hummus)

I’ve been trying to keep these alive

and these (may be failing)

experimenting with this.

trying to conquer this stack of to read books.

really wanting to build this.

and making entirely too many trips to the local goodwill where I have found some beauties like this

this (still on the racks at Target, thank you very much!)

and these

Maybe I’ll share the recipe tomorrow.


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More on Tijuana

Remember that time I went to Tijuana? Well this is a small recap of the trip from the perspective of one of our members. My dear mother said she didn’t see me in any of these photos the first time she watched the video. Can you find me?

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