The Update Post: August 2011

Last post dated July 28. Yikes! That’s embarrassing. What can I say really? Blogging fell completely off my to-do list. August was a hard month period. August was the month that I was supposed to get married. Though I thought I had experienced most of my grief – there was a new wave around the day that I was supposed to get married. So I did what any normal person does. I buried myself in work and surrounded myself with family and friends.

August was not all bad. I took a few days off work and went down to Dale Hollow with some new friends. A picture is worth a thousand words right? So I guess I can stop writing…but I won’t. This trip was great and I am so thankful to have friends that would include me.

1. This was our houseboat The Sulpher Creek, complete with a waterslide down the back end (that was really fun during night swimming).

2. Our group, yes 16 people fit on this houseboat, quite comfortably actually. Did I mention I only knew the two people on either side of me in this photo before going on this trip? Yeah that made me a little nervous but everyone was so great and welcoming 🙂

3. We were not short of things to do. My personal favorite? Tubing.

4. Yes 6 people. 2 tubes and 1 hotdog tube pulled by one boat. After our first round we started the daring acrobatics of moving tubes while in motion.

5. The wipe-outs were fun, and trying to keep people on the hotdog tube was a challenge.

6. We even had a jet-ski. Word to the wise ladies: if you go on a jet-ski with a boy, most assuredly his goal is to throw you off. I lost the sunglasses I was wearing in this photo, and sustained several bruises.

7 & 8. Everyone loved jumping off the top of the boat. Everyone but me and a few of my fellow ladies. I do not much care for heights so I played it safe and stuck to the slide. Yes the boys were jumping off the top awning of the boat. Don’t worry no one was hurt.

9. This is what our evenings looked like. Yes. Pretty much amazing. The thing about Dale Hollow is…it’s huge. We seldom saw other people, so we didn’t have many problems taking the boat and jet-ski out ever.

10. We kept the houseboat docked during the day and then went for evening cruises. It was beautiful to sit up top enjoy a cold beer and watch the sun go down.

11. This group was hella organized. We had so many options of things to do. In addition to tubes there were also water-skis, wake-boards, and this hauuuge raft that was complete with a speaker system to play music and a cooler to keep snacks.

12. Night swimming may have been one of my favorite parts of this trip, or learning to play Euchre (I hope I still remember the rules next time the opportunity comes to play).

This pretty much sums up my August. Lots of work with a dash of fun. Stay tuned for a September Update. Yes I’ve still been cooking and thrifting so more updates on that soon.


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