Barn Dancing Fail.

Last weekend my friend Anne invited me to a single’s barn dance she heard ab0ut. Having no big plans other than trying out a new nail polish shade, I agreed to go.

Though the idea of going to a singles event didn’t thrill me, I thought why not – what’s the worst that could happen (and to be honest I think I was still feeling quite empowered after the sky diving experience).

I donned a cute plaid shirt tucked into my jeans with a western-style belt. On theme but not over the top. (some days I really wish I had some cowgirl boots – but that is neither here nor there).

When I arrived I was surprised to see quite a few cars, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Anne arrived and we began walking toward the entrance.  As we got closer we gauged the other attendees dancing in a circle which Anne (the dance aficionado) deemed as wholly inappropriate when the invitation strictly said square dancing .  Everyone dancing appeared to be in the 50+ age range with many more people falling into the grandparent age range.

Me: Umm Anne, I don’t think this is our demographic.

Anne: No it does not appear to be, have you eaten dinner?

Me: No

Anne: Scotty’s?

Me: Done.

Maybe next time I hear singles event I’ll be a little more cautious. But hey nothing ventured nothing gained right?


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  1. Erin!!!

    This is hilarious!!!

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