Dad on Pain Meds

Last week my dear Father had shoulder surgery. He broke his hand in August after falling out of a tree and then later found that his rotator cuff was torn. He went in for surgery on Tuesday and things went well – though the Dr. did say it’s the worst tear he’s seen in 20 years. In any case Dad is now on some pretty potent pain meds – which he has determined to wean himself off of as soon as possible. However before that happened the following conversation occurred.

Mom: Samantha wants to have some friends come over and use the hot tub, is that ok?

Dad: Yes, as long as it’s not Missy* – she is banned.

Mom: She’s banned?

Dad: Yeah I don’t like her – anyone else is welcome.

Very rarely do my parents not like our friends – and I can say in this case the banishment is deserved – but I never thought I would hear my Dad say such a thing. I’ll attribute this and his irrational anger when he discovered all the Oreos were gone to the pain meds.

* names changed to protect the identity of the banned.



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