falling in love again…

The month of February was a busy one. Very busy.

I went to Colorado over President’s Day weekend. I had an amazing time. While gracing the slopes of Breckenridge, Vale, Beaver Creek, and Keystone I had several powerful moments of clarity. I have fallen back in love – with my life . I This may sound weird – maybe not. This last year I fought the direction my life was heading. I wanted what was familiar, I ached for things to go back to the way they were.

But ultimately that was not the plan God had for my life – and for the first time I can say that’s ok and I am happy about it and I have fallen back in love with this beautiful life I have. I am not where I thought I would be, but I am so grateful for that because it is clear that God’s plan is so much greater than any plan I made for myself. and now some pics of the vacation that rocked.

(1. Just me in my HOT PINK coat, I never got lost 🙂 2. The AH-mazing house we got to borrow for the week – 20 people slept here…comfortably! 3. First day Miss Juli and I enjoyed a Nutty Irishman before hitting the slopes. 4. Love those slopes – can’t remember where this was…ooops)
(1. Vail was my favorite resort hands down. Probably because we had a tour guide who took us into the back bowls – SO FUN. 2. Just three snow bunnies after lunch. 3. Poor Tom ran into a tree day one, ouch! He nursed his wounds with jameson and wine. 4. At the end of the day Beaver Creek greeted you with warm cookies at the bottom of the hill.)


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