Dear November

Dear November,

You’ve been pretty great so far, especially in comparison to October so thanks for that.  My emotional whiplash still rears it’s ugly head from time to time but not nearly as often. I think my heart is slowly healing and I’m slowly finding my single life rhythm that initially seemed so foreign (praise the lord!).

Here are some things that have been pretty fantastic this month.

  • Small group. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends.
  • Getting my new phone. Hello iPhone!
  • Booking a flight to Colorado for a February Ski Trip – giddy up!
  • Thrifting -I’ve had some amazing scores as of late.
  • Lots of laughing – especially after work – Thanks Rita!
  • My blog pilot program for work is moving forward – so excited to be heading it up!

In the spirit of tomorrow’s Holiday, I would like to say I am thankful. I am so very thankful to my family and friends who have made this past year bearable and down-right amazing at times.


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Dad on Pain Meds

Last week my dear Father had shoulder surgery. He broke his hand in August after falling out of a tree and then later found that his rotator cuff was torn. He went in for surgery on Tuesday and things went well – though the Dr. did say it’s the worst tear he’s seen in 20 years. In any case Dad is now on some pretty potent pain meds – which he has determined to wean himself off of as soon as possible. However before that happened the following conversation occurred.

Mom: Samantha wants to have some friends come over and use the hot tub, is that ok?

Dad: Yes, as long as it’s not Missy* – she is banned.

Mom: She’s banned?

Dad: Yeah I don’t like her – anyone else is welcome.

Very rarely do my parents not like our friends – and I can say in this case the banishment is deserved – but I never thought I would hear my Dad say such a thing. I’ll attribute this and his irrational anger when he discovered all the Oreos were gone to the pain meds.

* names changed to protect the identity of the banned.


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a case of emotional whiplash.

To say October was a roller coaster is an understatement. Highs and lows – waves of good and bad. It’s enough to give a girl emotional whiplash.


Sky-Diving – does not get much better than that right?

I saw some great live music this month: Matthew West, Gungor, Chris August, and The David Crowder Band – I have to say Gungor is ahhhmazing and David Crowder really knows how to put on a show and Miss (or should I say Mrs.) S and I had a great time at Matthew West. Really Everyone was fantastic.

I have some pretty amazing people in my life. People that make me laugh out loud  in my cubicle at work when I’m about to loose it. People who surround me, lift me up and remind me that I am strong and that I am loved. Bottom line my life would be totally different without these people and I am 100% thankful.


Saying  good-bye to someone who has been a big part of my life. Emotional hot mess  is an understatement.

Work – work has been complicated and stressful. That’s pretty much all I can say without getting into the nitty gritty.

Credit Card Compromised – Thankfully my bank caught the suspicious activity and I didn’t loose any money. But they had to issue me a new card which was just inconvenient.

Ok November, let’s do this, I hope you’re better than October was.

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Barn Dancing Fail.

Last weekend my friend Anne invited me to a single’s barn dance she heard ab0ut. Having no big plans other than trying out a new nail polish shade, I agreed to go.

Though the idea of going to a singles event didn’t thrill me, I thought why not – what’s the worst that could happen (and to be honest I think I was still feeling quite empowered after the sky diving experience).

I donned a cute plaid shirt tucked into my jeans with a western-style belt. On theme but not over the top. (some days I really wish I had some cowgirl boots – but that is neither here nor there).

When I arrived I was surprised to see quite a few cars, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Anne arrived and we began walking toward the entrance.  As we got closer we gauged the other attendees dancing in a circle which Anne (the dance aficionado) deemed as wholly inappropriate when the invitation strictly said square dancing .  Everyone dancing appeared to be in the 50+ age range with many more people falling into the grandparent age range.

Me: Umm Anne, I don’t think this is our demographic.

Anne: No it does not appear to be, have you eaten dinner?

Me: No

Anne: Scotty’s?

Me: Done.

Maybe next time I hear singles event I’ll be a little more cautious. But hey nothing ventured nothing gained right?

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The Day I Jumped Out of a Plane

I’m not and adventure girl.

I over think things on a daily basis. DAILY.

So when my friend Tom asked if I wanted to go sky-diving, on a whim I said yes. Having been on the boat trip with me and seeing that I’m not too daring,  I think Tom was surprised that I said yes – heck I was surprised I said yes given my complete fear of heights and hatred of roller coasters – how on earth could sky-diving appeal to me.

I’m not a girl defined by adventure, but that does not mean that I can’t do something wild and crazy and completely unexpected. Lots of times people put you in a box of who they think you are, and we put ourselves in those boxes too – and every once and awhile it’s refreshing to take a step outside yourself.

What can I say sometimes you have to take a leap of faith – through the door of a plane or perhaps something a little less literal – yes it may be terrifying but there is also excitement on the other side.

It’s taken me a couple days to write this post because I still could not really believe I did this – let alone so calmly. I was completely collected throughout this process (also very unlike me). I had a slight panic moment when they opened the door for all of us to jump out, but at that point I couldn’t really change my mind and we were out the door before I could even verbalize my fear.

The first three to five seconds were terrifying as I realized… HOLY SHEET I’m falling through the air toward the ground.  After the initial shock I was able to turn the fear and the over-thinking off – stretch out my arms and surrender to the quick fast breeze of cool air and the experience that in all reality I would probably only have once.

The free fall went quickly and after my tandem pulled the chute we made out way gracefully to the ground overseeing all the amazing fall colors. It really was the perfect day to go sky-diving.

Am I glad I did it? Absolutely. Would I recommend you do it? If you have ever had a desire to – go for it – it’s not nearly as scary as you think.

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Last Minute Decisions

Last night I decided on a whim to go sky-diving today with some friends.

I’m terrified of heights, but for some reason I proudly declared that I wanted to go last night.

So here it is a random Thursday and I’m cutting out of work early to go sky-dive.

If I die, know that I loved you all.

If I survive be ready for an awesome story of my newly found ballsy behavior.


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The Update Post: September 2011

September started off with a BANG, and has been continually busy busy.

It started with a long overdue visit to see Miss JP in Chicago. Late nights, drinks, dancing, water taxi rides what a perfect way to start 🙂

Just two girls enjoying a quiet water taxi ride through the city. Lovely.

I came back from Chicago to EXPO week, the busiest week of work my entire year! Don’t get me wrong it’s busy but it’s also incredibly fun! This year I fully embraced the work hard – play hard mentality. EXPO week was also my birthday week.  So here is a little peek into what my birthday week was like.

1. I created and executed my first PR plan for CEDIA. This was our Press Preview of the Future Technology Pavilion. I was nervous that NO press would show up to this event and look! A packed house! I was walking on air the rest of the day.

2. After an extremely successful day what do you do? Go out with your co-workers of course 🙂 There was a reception for all staff with free food and drinks – what better way to celebrate? Add in congratulations from both your bosses, and your COO telling you “Get a drink, you deserve one!” What better recipe can you have for an awesome night?

3. I also got to attend our Awards Banquet this year. Pretty fancy huh?

As for my birthday I kicked off 25 the right way with a partayyy. A work party that is. Hey there was a band (who did a little birthday diddy for me), craft beer and food. Oh and all my co-workers busting moves SO FUN!


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