Embracing New Plans for a New Year.

I’ve been considering 2011 goals a lot over the past week. This is what happens when we begin a new year right? or better yet when you’ve been through a heart-wrenching break up. We take time to think, consider, and take inventory of our lives. What has been working in your life, what can stand to change and how do you really start again?

It’s scary and intimidating yet liberating and inspiring all at the same time (just getting real here). So many of my original plans for 2011 are gone. As sad as that does make me feel some days I have the wonderful blessing that I can create brand new experiences.

These are the goals I have been contemplating for this year.

1. Try 2 new recipes a month. (I think this is my most ambitious goal)

2. Build something. (Probably from plans found at www.ana-white.com)

3. Use my bread machine.

4. Re-Fab 5 dresses ( www.newdressaday.com serving as my inspiration for that one). This also goes along with my strong desire to learn/re-learn to sew.

5. Sew a quilt.

6. Participate in a Mission Trip.

7. Some sort of photography goal. I have not decided what is realistic for me as of yet.

8. Take 3 Trips. (Part of  Goal 6). but as I complete my first full year of employment my vacation time gets bumped up so 2 more trips seems like a totally acceptable and realistic goal.

9. Re-read some classic lit I enjoyed in high school and early college: Jane Eyre, The Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye are already on my list. But I am sure things will get added.

10. Journal at least twice a week. Keeping a journal has been a great comfort to me over the past month. I think it will be a good way to chart my progress on some of these goals and in general just a good outlet.

2011 a new year and a new start for many reasons. I’m thankful to my family and friends who have continued to prove themselves the best support group in all existence. Now I present a little music to begin this new stage.


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